Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaners

Characteristics of Our Products

Eco Friendly

Safe for the environment and contributes to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy.

No Acid or Ammonia

Exposure to ammonia can cause damage to the respiratory tract. Acid is corrosive to eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

Colour Safe

Miracle Powder & Liquid are safe to use on fabrics without worrying about colour fading or staining.


A powerful cleaning agent that is used to clean grease, oil, dirt and any other type of grime.

Non Toxic

Our products are not poisonous. It also means that it is not harmful to the environment.


Our products have the ability to break down and decompose into natural elements within a short time after disposal.

The best all purpose cleaning product of all times. It cleans mildew, removes wine stains and much more!

The powder that cleans it all; from wine & blood stains to mildew on shower floors and tile grouting. May be used on curtains, sheers, wedding dresses, tennis shoes, plastic ware, Pirex bowls, dishes, dish towels, mops, linen and clothing. It is great to remove build up inside coffee makers and kettles. It may also be used as a general cleaner for indoor-outdoor carpeting, fencing, concrete, siding, wood decks, fireplaces and bricks.

A heavy duty all purpose cleaner that may be used as an antiseptic, a lice mix or bug remover. It can be used to clean clothes, algae, blood stains, braai’s, engine parts, ink, kennels, mildew, oil and tar spots. It can also be used for cleaning basins, baths, copper, gym equipment, grills, ovens, silver, stainless steel, tiles, toilets, brass, carpets, dishes, microwaves, upholstery and wooden floors and may be used to pressure wash vehicles.

Please note that prices exclude a minimum courier fee of R60.

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